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Enjoy our new video and some rave reviews for Hold On!.

“The UK’s greatest soul singer.” — MOJO

“Sounds like something that King Records would have issued in its heyday… from the crazy-good sax-powered pulse of “Free Your Mind” to the vintage ambiance of “This Is Where We Came In,” this is another steady diet of burners that cook and crooners that sway.” — Boston Globe

“Glad to have James Hunter as part of the Daptone Family. I love what he’s doing and hope to share the stage again and one day record a duet! That Brit got some SOUL in him!” — Sharon Jones

“Dynamite rhythm and blues…an absolute belter if you like your R&B raw, red-blooded and defiantly vintage.” — Uncut

“James Hunter makes tough old-school R&B with a bracing modern-day kick…Hunter’s ultra-tight band cooks with authority, but his swaggering, good-humored vocals and snappy tunes are the main attraction.” — Mother Jones

“Hunter’s heady, intoxicating blend of finger-popping jazz, gritty R&B and energetic, Sam Cooke inspired singing remains unique in contemporary music.” — American Songwriter

“As on all previous albums, Hunter unapologetically wraps his music in the past; but he’s no revivalist. He is an inspired craftsman who finds inspiration and creative meaning in these classic forms.” — All Music

“As funky and soulful as Jackie Wilson or as silky smooth as Sam Cooke. His songs sound like instant classics and his tight band is sensational.” — No Depression