New video for Something’s Calling

The video is actually a compilation of shots from throughout the past few years of Hunter’s life. “The first and last shots of the band were taken in a church hall on Lower Boston Rd. in Hanwell. It was intended as a video for the song ‘Gold Mine,’” he explains.

“Next are some shots of Colchester Castle Park. The castle was built by Normans from Roman masonry (Colchester was the first British suburb of Rome). Just this side of the bit of Roman wall where the willow appears was the site of a punch-up my father and I had with some drunken youths in 1992. The ringleader attacked me with a broken bottle and I adjusted the shape of his nose, resulting in arrest for all of us. My assailant was given the choice of jail time or paying me £100 compensation. He opted for prison just to spite me.”