“I Got Eyes”

New single, “I Got Eyes” is out today—listen & pre-order HERE.
A bit about the track from James Hunter:
“I wrote this because the album needed a couple of ravers to balance against the slow stuff. It was quite easy to write for some reason. The title was inspired by Nina Simone’s anatomical inventory (“I Got No I Got Life”) which is basically her listing her various organs and extremities. On paper it’s a straightforward declaration of love but in practice it’s an excuse to scream the highest notes I can managet. I couldn’t do the high stuff much in my youth so I’m over-compensating in middle age. Some of the fadeout reminds me of the singer in the night club altercation scene in the John Boorman film “Point Blank” in which Lee Marvin distinguishes himself as the first man in a Hollywood fight to punch his opponent in the orchestra stalls. I was particularly pleased with the line: “You’re the livin’ definition of a love so fine I don’t need to look it up again” as an internal rhyme combined with a dictionary metaphor seemed to fall into my lap by accident. We put the horn arrangement together in a log cabin in Leavenworth, WA while on tour . We had a day off which we needed to arrange the songs before the recording session and we were snowed in so we couldn’t go out anyway.”