NPR Interview: How Marrying An American Inspired British Soul Singer James Hunter’s New Album


On the album’s theme

James Hunter: “Well I suppose it’s all that sort of thing about being happily married. I’ve gotta downplay it, because my wife’s sitting next to me. I can’t get too gooey, otherwise she starts taking¬†the mick out of me.”

On how he met his wife Jessie

Jessie Perez Huntsman: “Well, I heard him on the radio in a Starbucks, and fell in love with his music. And ended up going to a few shows, and we became friends. It sort of turned into something else later on.”

JH: “And it went down hill from there, didn’t it?”

JPH: “Yeah, out of the frying pan, into the toilet (laughs).”

On why he decided not to move to the U.S.

“I think because I have a hard enough time getting through immigration when I don’t wanna move there. The other thing is, there’s so many things I dislike about my own country, but I just couldn’t bear to leave it.”