New Video! Premieres “One Way Love”

James Hunter Six Serenade Pin Ups in  One Way Love  Premiere   Video   Rolling StoneCheck out the premiere of “One Way Love!” According to Rolling Stone the video “splits the difference between Mad Men and Terry Gilliam’s classic Monty Python animations.” Since we’re talking “One Way Love” here’s some more commentary from James about the song and video:

“My first draft of this only had verses until the record company bloke said “it’s not long enough, bung something else in there”, so I did. not to give him too much credit, but the bits I stuck on afterwards were better than the verses. incidentally, this track is a good example of drummer Jonathan Lee with his “maniac” dial set to 11.”

“The video is delightfully daft even though it makes more sense than the song itself. I was particularly struck by the shot of the gentleman licking the lady’s bum, which is a feature sadly lacking in modern pop videos. and I liked the colours an’ that. the imagery is absolutely beautiful and it’s &$*%’n hilarious!”

The video was co-directed by Steven Erdman and Brian Caiazza/Goodlookin’ who say their creative muse was a Don Draper hallucinogenic dream…..ENJOY!

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