The New Yorker Video Premiere + Feature Interview: Minute By Minute with James Hunter

Check out the video premiere for “Minute By Minute” with a great interview at THE NEW YORKER by John Donohue!

February 26, 2013
Posted by John Donohue










James Hunter, an English singer with an abiding passion for American soul music of the late fifties and early sixties, was born in 1962, and he grew up in a working-class family in Colchester, Essex. In the pursuit of the music he loves, he’s worked odd jobs—on the railroad, as a laborer, and backing Van Morrison—and by the time he was forty-one, he found himself without a record deal or any gigs. He turned to busking, was rediscovered by record-business insiders, and, in 2006, he released an album of burning soul songs, “People Gonna Talk,” that picked up Grammy nominations and loads of press coverage. He followed that with another release “The Hard Way,” which was met with similar success. He’s back this week, with “Minute By Minute,” his first album in five years.

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